MANAGING Your Retirement Income

Asset Management

Good retirement income planning strategies begin with prudent, conservative asset management strategies. This is what we believe in and live by at Retirement Income Center.

We add enormous value to our asset management services by using the tax code to improve after-tax performance. This results in the extension of the longevity of our clients' portfolios and a greater likelihood of our clients achieving their retirement income planning goals. 

At Retirement Income Center, we're fortunate to be able to rely on the income tax planning expertise of Robert Klein. In addition to his other professional designations, credentials, and degrees, Bob has been a CPA since 1982 and he also has a M.S. in Taxation (MST) from Golden Gate University. Through his sole proprietorship, Robert Klein, CPA, Bob does income tax planning and income tax preparation for individual, business, and fiduciary clients, many of whom are also clients of Retirement Income Center.   

Two Types of Asset Management Services

We offer two types of asset management services to our clients that are discussed in the next two sections:  (a) Investment Advisory Services and (b) Annuity Services. We often recommend both services to provide greater diversification and better risk management than is generally the case with stand-alone investment advisory services offered by most Registered Investment Advisors (RIA's).

Unlike most RIA's who only offer investment advisory services and are dependent on assets under management, or "AUM," as is known in the industry, for their primary or sole source of compensation, this isn't the case at Retirement Income Center.

As stated in the introduction to the Your Income and Asset Management Center section, retirement income planning done right requires management of assets and income. We do both. Furthermore, we aren't tied to a single compensation model. Consequently, our advice and recommendations are totally objective, independent, and in your best interest. 

Investment Policy Statement

We prepare an Investment Policy Statement, or "IPS," for our clients to coordinate their asset management services. An IPS is a summary of your current situation, requirements and goals, and recommended general investment strategy. It serves as a guide to your investment plan, governing how, why, and where your money is invested. It is a living document and can be adjusted over time as your financial goals and investments evolve.

The primary reason for developing a long-term investment policy and for putting it in wirting is to enable us to protect your portfolio from ad hoc revisions of sound long-term policy. Without an investment policy, in times of market turmoil, investors may be inclined to make investment decisions that are inconsistent with prudent investment management principles.

Your investment policy provides a well-though-out framework from which sound investment decisions can be made. In following an investment policy, you'll employ a more disciplined and systematic approach and thereby increase the probability of satisfying your investment and retirement income planning goals.

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