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Investment Advisory Services -- Monitoring and Reporting

Quarterly Updates

At Retirement Income Center, we recognize the importance of working together with our clients and our clients' other professional advisors as a team. We believe strongly in, and have a long track record of, engaging in regular, ongoing, two-way communication with our clients in order to meet their needs in a timely manner. 

As part of this communication process, we schedule quarterly update meetings, telephone conferences, or video telephone conferences, as appropriate with our clients whenever possible. These meetings provide a forum for our clients to do the following:

  • Let us know about any questions or concerns they may have about their retirement income planning
  • Share with us any potential changes in their financial situation that may affect their retirement income plan,
  • Review the progress they're making vs. their plan, and
  • Participate in discussions about potential new income tax planning and other ideas and recommendations in connection with planning, managing, and protecting their retirement income.

When we review the progress that our clients are making, the emphasis is always on how they're doing relative to where they should be at a certain point in time in accordance with their retirement income plan. Unlike many traditional investment advisory firms, we don't dwell on short-term investment performance that's irrelevant to the achievement of our clients' retirement income planning goals.

We encourage our clients to contact us between quarterly updates with any questions or concerns about anything they feel may potentially affect their retirement income plan. All updates and other communication, including, but not limited to telephone conversations and emails, are included at no additional charge as part of the second-to-none service that we provide to our clients.

Semi-Annual Rebalancing

We monitor and analyze our clients' investment accounts on an ongoing basis. From time to time, market conditions may cause investment in various asset classes to vary from established allocations. At times, out performance of some securities and underperformance of others may result in the need to rebalance our clients' portfolios to maintain a comfortable level of risk. 

To remain consistent with the asset allocation guidelines established by our Investment Policy Statements with our clients, at six-month intervals after the first and third quarters of each year, we prepare a recommended list of portfolio rebalancing transactions for our clients' approval after performing an extensive analysis of the individual securities in their portfolio.

We don't process any transactions without our clients' written approval. This is in accordance with Retirement Income Center's transparent, full disclosure philosophy whereby we're committed to always place our clients' interests first. Our Investment Advisory Services Agreement with our clients states that "Client understands that neither Adviser (i.e., Retirement Income Center) nor its representatives will exercise any discretionary authority with respect to Client's Account or transactions." This is done for our clients' protection.

Client Reports and Statements

In addition to the Investment Policy Statement discussed in the Asset Management section, we prepare quarterly Investment Advisory Service reports for our clients that we review with them in our quarterly updates. 

Our clients also have 24/7 access to a variety of relevant investment reports that are updated nightly in their Retirement Income System. See Retirement Income System for a description and a video about this dynamic sytem. 

TD Ameritrade Institutional, our clients' custodian, makes monthly investment statements available to our clients online that may also be received by mail. In addition, clients have access to their monthly investment statements in the Vault section of their Retirement Income System within several days after the end of each month.

Clients may also view information about their various TD Ameritrade investment accounts in the  MY INCOME CENTER   area in the top right-hand corner of this and every page of Retirement Income Center's website.

In addition to all of the foregoing reports, we also provide our clients with required SEC disclosure documents, including Retirement Income Center Part 2A of Form ADV - Firm Brochure and Retirement Income Center Part 2B of Form ADV - Brochure Supplement when our clients sign an Investment Advisory Services Agreement and whenever updates are made to these disclosure documents.

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