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Investment Advisory Services -- Overview

Robert Klein provides investment advisory services to his clients in his capacity as an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) of Retirement Income Center, a Registered Investment Advisor, or RIA. As an IAR, Bob is an independent financial advisor who is legally bound to serve the best interests of his clients in a fiduciary capacity. Bob provides all services to his clients in accordance with an Investment Advisory Services Agreement.

Please refer to The Benefits of Working With a Registered Investment Advisor to learn more about RIA's, including advantages compared to a registered representative who is aligned with a broker-dealer. 

Investment Advisory Services Approach

Retirement Income Center's investment advisory services, unlike some investment management firms where it's a stand-alone service, is part of a conservative, comprehensive systematic approach that we use to plan, manage, and protect our clients' retirement income.

Our management services include two types of services:  (a) Income Management and (b) Asset Management. Investment advisory services is one of the two types of asset management services we make available to our clients, the other one being annuity services.

We often recommend a combination of income and asset management services to provide greater diversification and better risk management than is generally the case with stand-alone investment advisory services offered by most Registered Investment Advisors (RIA's).

We won't recommend an investment strategy, let alone individual investments, until we prepare a detailed analysis of your current financial situation. Once we have done this, the asset management portion of your portfolio that's recommended for investment advisory services is structured and managed using proven, conservative, tax- and inflation-sensitive invetment strategies.

Types of Investment Accounts Managed

Retirement Income Center, together with its predecessor, Financial Design Center, has years of experiencing recommending and managing the following 13 types of investment accounts:

  Individual SEP-IRA
  Joint Beneficiary IRA
  Community Property Roth IRA
  Living Trust Beneficiary Roth IRA
  Traditional IRA Donor Advised Fund
  IRA Rollover from 401(k)  Charitable Remainder Trust
      and Other Plans Irrevocable Trust

We have the expertise and experience to assist with determining which types of investment accounts are best suited for your retirement income planning needs. 

Advisory Fees

In connection with our commitment to our clients to always put their interests first, we have a transparent, full disclosure philosophy at Retirement Income Center. This applies to all aspects of our relationship with our clients, including compensation. The following is Retirement Income Center's fee schedule for investment advisory services. 

Fee Schedule

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