PROTECTING Your Retirement Income

Your Income Protection Plan

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."
--Antoine de Saint-Exupery

At Retirement Income Center, planning and managing your retirement income isn't everything we do for you. Life is full of uncertainties and challenges. Unless your retirement income plan is properly protected, all of our hard work can be reversed in an instant.

An unprotected, or underprotected, life event such as disability, long-term care, or death can severely reduce the longevity of, and potentially prematurely deplete, your investment assets, depending upon the severity of the event. Managed income streams and managed investment assets earmarked for various expenses may suddenly need to be diverted in order to (a) replace non-managed income sources that are no longer available to you and/or (b) pay for unplanned medical and/or long-term care expenses. 

Income Protection Strategies

At Retirement Income Center, we take income protection very seriously. With proper plan protection, the potential for financial devastation in the event of disability, death, illness, or another personal crisis will be minimized. Protection increases the probability that you will be able to achieve your retirement income planning goals and remain financially independent.

We have developed expertise in, and have many years of experience with implementing, various income protection strategies. The goal with each strategy is to minimize the amount of one-time and ongoing funds needed to implement a particular strategy. We will work with you to design, optimize, and coordinate your retirement income protection plan to meet your needs.

As part of your retirement income plan, we will analyze and recommend the following four types of income protection strategies for you:

These four types of insurance are provided to you by Robert Klein in his capacity as an independent life insurance agent through his association with Crump Life Insurance Services. Through Crump, Bob has access to a large variety of highly-rated insurance carriers that offer competitive solutions for your needs.

Our analysis includes a review of your existing insurance policies to determine how they mesh with your current retirement income planning needs. As part of our analysis, we look for ways to use your current policies, other assets, and sources of income in tax-advantaged ways to meet your income protection needs. 

Income Protection Compensation

In connection with our commitment to our clients to always put their interests first, we have a transparent, full disclosure philosophy at Retirement Income Center. This applies to all aspects of our relationship with our clients, including compensation. 

Whenever we implement an income protection strategy, it's done by Robert Klein in his capacity as an independent licensed life insurance agent (California Insurance License #0708321 and three nonresident state insurance licenses) through his association with Crump Life insurance Agency.

Bob is paid a commission by the life insurance company with which a particular solution is implemented. The commission may be a one-time payment or it may be a series of payments over several years. The amount and duration of the commission varies depending on the particular product and company, is in accordance with industry standards, and is always disclosed to clients prior to any sale.

Always acting in his capacity as a fiduciary to his clients looking out for their best interests, Bob never bases any recommendations for any products or services on the amount of potential compensation he may receive. As a CPA, Bob is prohibited from accepting any fees or commissions from any parties solely for the referral of any clients to products or services of a third party.

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